Arthrex Vet Systems

Arthrex Vet Systems is a division of Arthrex, Inc., a leading global medical device manufacturer. Over the last decade, Arthrex has applied its expertise in orthopedics and orthobiologics to develop hundreds of products for the treatment of large and small animals.


Locking TPLO plate with InternalBrace ligament augmentation option-knotless anti-rotational lateral stabilization technique. Locking screws proximally and distally.

Imaging / Resection

The SynergyUHD4 system is a commanding imaging platform offered by Arthrex featuring a true Ultra HD 4K programmable camera head, a LED “xenon-bright” light source, an image management system and fiber optic video over IP integration all in one tablet-controlled device.

Jump Start

JumpStart dressings are provided on an ultra-thin, lightweight, polyester substrate and contain laser-cut fenestration to allow easy passage of wound into the absorbent layer or a secondary dressing.

Veterinary Transplant Services

Veterinary Transplant Services is the leading provider of transplantable graft materials specifically for use in animals. We provide bone grafts, tendons and other soft tissues, corneas, other tissues, as well as synthetic versions of these grafts for veterinary patients. We focus on contributing to the advancement of medicine and improving the quality of life for pets and other animals who can benefit from having life-enhancing tissues and grafts to transform degenerative diseases or traumatic injury into normal, healed biologic tissue.

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